If you’ve found this site, you’re probably lost on the Internet. If not, I think it’s pretty cool you came here to virtually visit me.

I’m Phil Margolies and I’m a writer of primarily science fiction and fantasy, though I dabble in horror and have ideas for the kinds of stories shelved under “Fiction” and “Mystery” as well. I’ve published a few short stories over the years.

Mostly, I write short fiction, though I’m in the midst of a fantasy novel (okay, more like just finished another major draft and it’s out with folks for beta reading). I like to read. A lot. Random stuff on the Internet, newspapers (remember those), the side of the orange juice container. I can’t help it, I REALLY LIKE to read.

And now, finally, I have a website. With a blog. I also live on Twitter (well, not literally). I’ve got a page with a bit more about me, if you’re into that sort of thing. Otherwise, take a look around and check in every so often. And pardon the dust, I’m still building and there’s a lot of nails and girders haphazardly about.



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