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Jacob scampered away, brushing past a pyramid of Campbell’s soup cans. Rose lunged over the half-full shopping cart to steady the quivering display. Jacob ignored her, instead advancing toward the closest shelf like a three-year-old Godzilla.

A god could not have timed the hull pop better, nor worse. Not that there were such things as gods. Ghosts yes, but gods no way. At least, I’d never read an evidence-based, peer-reviewed paper on that topic.

  • “Mundane Applications” (Perihelion SF, December 2015)

Looping through streets designed by Escher, I finally get the reason Roberta moved here. Because Cee lives in McLean ritz. So of course, Roberta had to retire to a community scatter shot with over-designed and under-built refugees from Levitttown. The thought distracts me as I slide the car to a halt at yet another stop sign. I quit the drone of NPR’s Science Friday and let the strum of rain provide background noise. I wish I could kill the hypnotic swish of the wipers, but then I would have to drive even slower, and Roberta is all about time. Punctuality is the only virtue in her world.

Maybe I’m suicidal. Could be I’m just stupid. For sure, I’m desperate, wedged between the shower stall and the toilet, staring at the bathroom door, room 18, ICU, in the hospital where I spent my working hours before hell broke loose. Literally, I guess. So here I am in the place I was born and now where I’ll die. Or not, I hope. Night dark with a blanket of clouds outside. Thunder but no rain. Antiseptic smell flavored with soiled gowns and unrelenting fear. Seems an appropriate commentary on the state of the world these last few days. Weeks?

Children know not morality. That’s what I was taught. All children are innocent; they are the blessed future of the world. Thus, we should always save them.

Yet now, right now, here I stand, the deep winter chill seeping through my puffy coat, and a boy––can’t be older than twelve––standing before me, intimating a gun poking at his windbreaker’s pocket.

Older Stories (for full disclosure)
  • An Editor Visits the Underworld (Planet Relish, 2001)
  • Thinking Ahead (The Cosmic Unicorn, 1994)
  • Pictures of the Past (Gateways, 1993)
  • One Fun Evening… (Gateways, 1992)

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