Stories and Articles…

Yeah, you ask yourself, what the hell page is this.

I’ll tell you. It’s a landing page for “Stories I’ve…”

You just cursed me, didn’t you? No matter, you’re here. Think of this page like a choice in a Choose Your Own Adventure book.

Stories I’ve…

  • Written: AKA my bibliography. (Go here if you want to learn what stories I’ve written AND published).
  • Read: A list of the stories I’ve read this year (currently 2016 if you are curious or a time traveler) with (eventually) a link to archives of past years. (Go here if you want to learn what awesome and, um, semi-awesome stories–novels included–I’ve read this year).
  • Liked: A list of stories that really spoke to me (not literally…I’ve–sad reader admission–never actually listened to an audio book). What’s the criteria for stories on this list? Honestly, me reading a story and going, “I really liked that. I need to add that to the list of stories I Like.” (Go here if you want to find out what stories got under my skin, lodged in my brain, or played my nerves like an acoustic guitar).

Science Trek Redux

  • Columns: Landing Page for my “re-issued” ComStar columns.