ICYMI 2017 Edition – Stories I’ve Read (and you may like too)

Last Updated: March 27, 2017

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Liu, Ken

Sanders, DaVaun


Nothing yet 🙁


Nothing yet 🙁


Chwedyk, Richard

  • “The Man Who Put the Bomp” (Fantasy & Science Fiction, March 2017)

Okorafor, Nnedi


Grossbach, Robert
  • “Driverless” (Fantasy & Science Fiction, March 2017)

Hurley, Kameron

  • The Plague Givers” (Patreon Collection 1, 2016; Originally published in Uncanny, Issue 10, May/June 2016 — link is to Uncanny version)

Kloster, Gary

  • Interchange” (Clarkesworld, Issue 124, January 2017)

Larson, Rich

Prasad, Vina Jie-Min

Short Stories (including Flash Fiction)

Ball, Peter M.

Belilovsky, Anatoly

Bharathan, Deepak

Campeche, Araisbo

  • First Blink” (Daily Science Fiction, January 3, 2017)

Cervantes, Angus

Conley, Zack

Edwards, Malon

  • “Long Time Lurker, First Time Bomber” (Fiyah Magazine, Issue 1, Winter 2017)

De Winter, Gunnar

  • Mirror Mirror” (Daily Science Fiction, February 22, 2017)

Dunlap, Wendy

  • “Revival” (Fiyah Magazine, Issue 1, Winter 2017)

Fay, Shannon

Fischer, Steven

Galloway, V.H.

  • “Sisi Je Kuisha (We Have Ended)” (Fiyah Magazine, Issue 1, Winter 2017)
Hazra, Arundhati
  • “The Toymaker’s Daughter” (Fantasy & Science Fiction, March 2017)
Hellisen, Cat
  • “A Green Silk Dress and a Wedding-Death” (Fantasy & Science Fiction, March 2017)

Juettner, Carie

  • Reap” (Daily Science Fiction, January 2, 2017)

Lambert, Brent

  • “Police Magic” (Fiyah Magazine, Issue 1, Winter 2017)

Lege, Tolle

Lewis, L.D.

  • “Chesirah” (Fiyah Magazine, Issue 1, Winter 2017)

Muenzler, Michelle

Ness, Mari

  • The Lion” (Daily Science Fiction, March 6, 2017)

Ogden, Aimee

Patterson, Jez

Pendergast, J.D.

Prell, Lettie

Reinehold, James

Sallis, James
  • “Ms. Cruz” (Fantasy & Science Fiction, March 2017)

Sanders, DaVaun

  • “The Shade Caller” (Fiyah Magazine, Issue 1, Winter 2017)

Schaefer, Peter A.

Young, Nicola

  • Empath” (Daily Science Fiction, January 19, 2017)

Wesley, E.E.



Kinney, Benjamin C.

Nothing yet. 🙁


Berman, Ruth
  • “Spacemail Only” (Fantasy & Science Fiction, March 2017)

Pekar, Amanda

Beta Reads

Not naming names here since that’s not my place or right. Since they take up clock-time I’d otherwise be reading already published material (not saying that’s bad thing–these are books and stories I WANT TO SHOUT ABOUT HOW WONDERFUL THEY ARE…sorry for shouting), I wanted to track them here as well.

Novels: 2

Short Stories:Nothing yet 🙁


Here’s the breakdowns as I define them here and now:

  • Novel: 40,000+ words
  • Novellas: 17,500 – 39,999 words
  • Novelette: 7,500 – 17,499 words
  • Short Story: 1,500 – 7,499 words
  • Flash Fiction: 1 – 1,499 words

Why start with “1”? ‘Cause a story in zero words is art, not literature.

(Disclosure: Since I’m not always on top of stories the instant they are published, you’ll notice some of these pieces aren’t current year, and thus likely not eligible for most awards at the end of the day…year.)