FarPoint 2018 Appearances

Here’s my panel schedule at FarPoint in Hunt Valley, Maryland, the weekend of February 9 – 11!

Friday 6:20pm, Salon E
Author Reading
Phil Margolies

I haven’t yet decided which story I’ll read this time around (see below for my second reading…don’t know what story I’ll be reading then either).

Friday 8pm, Salon C
Story — From Concept to Completion
Derek Attico, Phil Margolies, Ben Anderson, Danielle Ackley-McPhail

Our panel will discuss techniques for crafting a story, and what it takes for them to compose, edit and publish their work.

Saturday 10am, Salon C
Writing from Life
Derek Attico, Phil Giunta, Phil Margolies, Kelli Fitzpatrick

Our lives are composed of our experiences. The panel will discuss why writing from life is important and the methods they have used to turn their life experiences into relatable stories.

Saturday 4:00pm, Salon E
Author Reading
Phil Margolies

Yeah, still haven’t figured out what to read yet, but I’ve got ideas.

Sunday 2pm, Salon C
Writing Groups and Beta Readers: How to Give and Receive Criticism
Susanna Reilly, Susan Olesen, Phil Margolies, Alan Smale

Every author wants to hear that the first draft of their book is perfect. But, while Mom may be nice and say so, writers get a lot more help out of constructive criticism. Our panelists will discuss how to find the people to critique your work, how to be an effective critique partner yourself, and the proper way to accept or reject advice.

You can also find the schedule on MyConSchedule.com!