2017 Year-end Reading & Writing Wrap-up

By the principle of putting my mind where my tweets are, here’s my 2017 writing wrap-up thread (with bonus: Writing/Reading Goals for 2018).

(I got nothing this year for Awards Eligibility, sorry, so you’re stuck with Writing Wrap-up)

2017 Writing Goals

  • Finish my forever-in-progress novel and submit to agents:

Define finish. Typed THE END but based on critique group feedback, decided to break story down to the core and current completely rebuilding

  • Have 12 new/revised short stories in the submission queue:

Life’s about making left turns, right, when you thought the map said go straight? A few stories pulled from circulation for editing/revision, but let’s count them anyways. Total of four revised. Two drafted, but not submittable quality yet.

  • Write at least 12 blogs & update website on a quarterly basis

Ha! Ha ha ha ha ha! *cries*

I wrote something like three blogs and made a few updates, but other writing & life priorities sapped my focus here.

  • Read 12 novels & 100 shorter stories

Partially met with 7 novels and 104 shorter stories (ranging from novellas to flash), so yay me for hitting at least one goal! I don’t have a page anymore that lists just the annual stuff-i’ve-read, but I’ll be posting my 2017 Recommended Readings soonish.

And while I didn’t actually make goals around submitting stuff (other than more finished stuff making the rounds), I did send out a bunch of stories:

2017 Submission stats

  • 64 submissions (including 5 currently out)
  • 49 form rejections, 10 personal rejections
  • Highest annual total submissions, second (to 2015) highest number of personal rejections in a year

2018 Writing/Reading Goals

  • Finish rebuilding of my Novel (stretch goal: out on submission)
  • Write/Revise 12 short stories (stretch goal: all out on submission)
  • Revive my website (stretch goal: revamp site)
  • Read 12 novels & 100 short stories (stretch goal: 20 novels & 200 short stories)

Wish me luck (and you too in your goals)!