WIB: FarPoint 2017

So, when your picture appears in the program, that means its real, right? That’s how I’m feeling about being one of a score or more author guests at FarPoint 2017, coming up the weekend of February 17 – 19, 2017, in Timonium, Maryland.

Where specifically I’ll be is on (author and media) panels, and, um, <small voice> an actual author reading </small voice>. Gulp.

Saturday, February 18

Author Readings
11am, Chesapeake 3-6 (Art Show Room)

Won’t know what the other authors will be reading, but I’ve got ideas about my words.

Michael Jan Friedman, Phil Margolies, Pip Ballatine

Bigger on the Inside
2pm, Chesapeake 2

What’s up with the newest Doctor? How does he compare to his previous incarnations? What are the writers planning as the show continues? And what about Class, the newest Doctor Who spinoff? Our panelists will discuss all things Whovian.

Jennifer R. Povey, Phil Margolies, Rick Siebigteroth, Kathleen David

Genre Blending: Science Fiction, Fantasy and More
7pm, Chesapeake 1

Mixing science fiction and fantasy with other genres like mystery and westerns can give you a genre cocktail that is great… or very, very bad. Some authors have been hugely successful, while others have crashed and burned. Our experts will tell you how to get it just right.

Chris Kennedy, Keith DeCandido, Phil Margolies, Mike D’ambrosio

It IS You: Beating Back Impostor Syndrome
9pm, Chesapeake 1

Some of us… okay, MOST of us have that “we’re not worthy” feeling about our work. Our panel will discuss how to get past it and keep on writing.

Phil Margolies, Jennifer R. Povey, Susanna Reilly, Jay Smith

Sunday, February 19

Which Trek is Your Favorite?
11am, Chesapeake 2

There is no right or wrong answer here, just (hopefully) a fun time discussing which Star Trek series you hold most dear to your heart and why.

Howard Weinstein, Phil Margolies, Miles McLoughlin, Sean Holmes

Reading As A Writer
3pm, Chesapeake 1

Reading books not just for pleasure, but also to see how other writers make things work in their stories.

Phil Margolies, Bob Greenberger, Steven H. Wilson, Kelly Meding, Mike D’ambrosio

Visit www.farpointcon.com for more information.

See you there!